The product is set to show and reflect the 'New You 'through its basic product benefits as following:-

Rejuvenates and regenerates human cells

Beautifies and whitens your skin

Combat wrinkles & fine lines

Increase energy

Stimulate metabolism

Increase sexual drive & performance


Reduce body fat

Strengthens your immune system

Reverses chronological aging


Foot Sauna Steam Care Anion Machine

Foot Steaming Benefits

• Detoxifying and Beauty Nectar: Regulates hormones to balance body systems (clear acne & helps regulates bodily functions), improves blood circulation, and extracts poison (detoxifying).
• Renal Tonic Nectar: Nourishes skin, balances Yin and Yang, strengths and recuperates kidney, anti-aging effects and relieves stress (fatigue).
• Insomnia Nectar: Improves sleep, relieves stress, and alleviates troubles.
• Cleaning Channels Nectar: Promotes blood circulation, adds nutrients to skin, clears and cleans main body systems.
• Neuritis Nectar: Clears sickness (colds) relieves soreness and weakness from waits and knees.
• Happiness Nectar: Refreshes spirit, calms the body, and helps improves mood.

• Helps loses weights and shapes body.

• Promotes blood circulation, Nourishes skin, alleviates swelling and eases pain.

• Relieves itching, skin diseases and irritation, relives sprains, sore muscles & pain caused by bruises.
1.Promote blood circulation;
2.Relax the muscles, joints, and internal organs;
3.Improve organ metabolism;
4.Nourish and whiten skin and keep anti-aging;
5.Dispel fatigue, loss weight;
6.Promote appetite and sleep;
7.Treat rheumatism, neuralgia, arthralgia, insomnia, low back pain and other diseases.